A Message from Your New Youth Ministry Director, Allison Milliron

What a JOYFUL year it has been for our Youth Ministry! As I continue to lead, I’d like to help you know me a bit better by sharing some of my values, passions, strengths, trials, & calling:

VALUES: I value a spirit of excellence, faithfulness & grace in myself and others. I believe a team approach to ministry has better chances of success, and I look forward to serving with you as we seek to grow our youth ministry. I value learning from you as well as refreshing you through my ministry and witness.

PASSIONS: I have a passion for helping youth discover who God has created them to be and to encourage them to use their unique gifts for His divine purposes. I am passionate about helping youth plant the Word in their heart through Scripture memorization. I also have a passion for visual art, for worship, and for mission.

STRENGTHS: I serve best using my artistic creativity, my heart for evangelism, my counseling & listening skills, my visioning & leadership ability, my small-group facilitation skills, and my worship gifts. My training and experience build on these personality strengths. I also serve through my weaknesses, with God’s help, knowing that my weaknesses keep me ever dependent on His Grace.

TRIALS: I have had some physical injuries that I’ve had to surmount. I’ve had numerous surgeries on my feet due to an act of malpractice and procedures on my back due to a car accident. This means that I have difficulty running, jumping, and lifting heavy objects. But oh, just watch me dance! It’s a sight to behold! ☺

CALLING: One of my favorite verses is Luke 22:27 where Jesus said, “I am among you as one who serves.” I began my ministry in Brazil serving as a missionary doing both physical labor and evangelistic work. It was there that I heard a call to ministry to be God’s hands and feet using art, speech & service to proclaim His love. I have a servant’s heart, willing to serve in whatever way God calls me, and I work hard to serve with excellence. Saying “Yes” to serving where God calls me also means that I must say “No” to serving where God has NOT called me, or saying “Not Yet” if God’s timing is not right. With a church of our size, I cannot possibly meet the personal expectations of each individual. I will give my all to the work appointed to me by God, by the Staff Parish Relations Committee, and by the Pastor.


Updates will be posted soon!

Please contact Allison by email at for more information about our Youth program.