Journey 101: Loving God

Have you ever played tug-o-war? Have you ever experienced the excitement that comes from seeing an opposing team being hurled headlong into the waiting mud pit? Ahhh good times...  While it is our hope that this imagery brings a smile to your face, it also serves as metaphor for our Fall Small Group series. It is a certainty that when everyone is pulling in the same direction progress is made and good times are had. We are experiencing a good deal of growth and excitement in our congregation right now and we want to enhance that excitement by having everyone tugging on the same rope & pulling in the same direction, at least for a short while.

For us, pulling together means that for the six weeks following September 13th as many of us as possible will be engaged in a study that provides the opportunity for us all to wrestle with the same questions about life and faith in a safe and life giving environment. Journey 101: Loving God takes seriously the reality that being a follower of God is a journey and it takes effort and intentionality to make progress along the way. As we travel this journey, it is vitally important that we know the destination, the place we want to end up. That destination is to become deeply committed Christians - people who know, love and serve God with increasing passion and dedication. Our study, Loving God,  helps us ask and answer the question "How would our lives be transformed if we loved God with the fullness of our hearts?" As our whole congregation gathers in small groups, our hope is: that we will experience God's love more fully in spiritual disciplines; that God's love grows in us; that we begin to bear more fully the fruits of the Spirit; and that we continue the ever-deepening journey of loving God in community.

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